Represent on administrative and judicial cases arising out of inheritance law, law of obligations, zoning law, construction law, cadastral law, coastal law, environmental law and forest law;

Work with sector experts for construction and zoning agreements;

Prepare legal documents for the sale, lease or transfer of interests in land;

Counsel on the procedures and regulations on property ownership by Turkish nationals or foreign nationals in Turkey;

Locate any conflicts that may arise between the rights of our clients and other parties and seek a lawful balance;

Examine the rights and priorities of our clients;

Guide our clients on how to create rights and interests and how long they obtain such rights for and how they may transfer them;

Ensure the registry of the interests in land are compliant with the formal rules;

Apply for legal remedies where there is an unlawful expropriation of land;

Advocate for a stay of expropration of land or an increase in the pricing;

Initiate legal proceedings for the annulment and registry of the title deed.