Esma Erterzi, the founder of Erterzi Legal & Consultancy Bureau, has performed duties as a judge at civil and criminal courts, and at Ministry of Justice Legal and International Relations Head Office, as a Public Prosecutor for the Supreme Court of Appeal, and President of Election Board. She was selected and appointed as an international judge by the European Union and worked for Kosovo Court of Appeal Privatization Special Department, Ownership and Claims Department, and Property Ownership Department as a judge and a head judge. Over the years, she acquired the skills of solving legal issues with her high and extensive experience with Turkish and International legislations, international law and human rights law.

Her accumulation of knowledge from her researcher personality, academic education from national and international institutions, and work experience compose a reliable, preventive and solution-oriented approach to legal issues. Combining with their meticulous and detailed work ethic, Esma Erterzi and her team offer consultancy and advocacy with fast and detail feedback when suitable.

“ Adalet ancak hakikatten, saadet ancak adaletten doğabilir. ” “ Adalet ancak hakikatten, saadet ancak adaletten doğabilir. ”


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