As Erterzi Law Office & Legal Consultancy, we believe that arbitration offers a private, flexible and speedy alternative to legal remedies. We,
•    Help our clients with the preparation of arbitration clauses in commercial agreements or separate arbitration agreements between private parties;
•    Identify the applicable law to the clause and/or the contract and make sure the formality requirements are complied with to avoid non-enforcement of the said clause/agreement;
•    Follow relevant international legal rules such as UNCITRAL Model Law, the New York Convention or the IBA Guidelines;
•    Examine the composition of the arbitral tribunal and the functioning of the procedure to ensure every step is taken accordingly to the arbitration clause/agreement;
•    Prepare and assist our clients with relevant written documents, expert statements and witness accounts when needed;
•    Initiate legal proceedings at the seat country where other parties are non-compliant with the arbitration clause/agreement and where interim measures are needed to protect our clients’ interests.